Project Milestones

I thought I’d add a page that listed the major milestones, and the dates they were achieved.  The intent is to give a snapshot of how the project is progressing without having to go through all the posts.

Preview Plans ordered – 8th March 2011

Preview Plans arrived – 15th March 2011

Work Area ready – 15th April 2011

Empennage Kit ordered – 29th March 2011

Empennage Kit arrived – 8th April 2011

Building commencement date – 15th April 2011

First rivets – 24th April 2011

Empennage Kit complete – TBA

Wings Kit ordered – 14th April 2011

Wing Kit arrival – 26th August 2011

Wing building commencement date – 14th October 2011

Wings complete – TBA

Fuselage Kit ordered – 14th April 2011

Fuselage Kit arrival – 26th August 2011

Fuselage building commencement date – TBA

Fuselage Kit complete – TBA

Finishing Kit ordered – 15th April 2011

Finishing Kit arrival – 26th August 2011

Finishing Kit building commencement date – TBA

Finishing Kit complete – TBA

Firewall Forward ordered – TBA

Firewall Forward arrival – TBA

Firewall Forward building commencement date – TBA

Firewall Forward complete – TBA

Painting commencement date – TBA

Painting complete – TBA

Test flight program commenced – TBA

First Flight – TBA

Test flight program complete – TBA


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