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Wing frame

I built some wing frames today. The plan is to build the wings on these frames which will keep everything nice and straight, as well as providing a handy place to store the wings when they are finished. I bought some 90×90 treat pine posts, some 120x45x1.8m treated pine, a couple of 1.25m galvanise lantels, … Continue reading

Work Bench

I made a work bench this weekend. The “usual” size recommended is 3′ x 6′. Rob M. (one of those wonderful SABC people) suggested making the main table with a 3″ overhang on one end and a side, and to make it a tad longer. I did just that although I added a 1″ overhang … Continue reading

Tidy Up

Spent a few hours over the weekend tidying up the shed and getting my tools sorted. Looks a bit better now.

My future work area

Thought I’d take a photo of the future build area. ¬†Hmm … might have to get my two trusty assistants to help me clear some space!