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Me109 Paint Scheme

I’m my spare time (ha ha!) I’ve been tinkering with warbird inspired paint schemes. Here’s one using the Me109. I couldn’t quite get the leopard spots looking right so I omitted them. You get the idea though. I might have to make one based on the Spitfire next 🙂 === 4th Feb 2012 I was … Continue reading

Paint scheme idea

I bought a copy of the RV-7 paint scheme modeller from http://www.airplanecolor.com. It’s a great application and easy to use. I came up with this paint scheme for what I want my RV-7 to look like. I know it’s probably a loooooooooong way off but I wanted to get a really good picture of what … Continue reading

Painting – yet to start

I’ll update this section when I start work in this area.