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I’ll be back soon!

Hi All. Sincere apologies for the hiatus. I’ve taken a longer than expected break from building my RV-7. As life tends to do, unexpected twists and turns have resulted in a fair layer of dust accumulating on my completed parts and crates. But don’t worry! I’ll be getting back into building in a couple of … Continue reading

I’m taking a break!

G’day, You have probably noticed that I haven’t posted an update for a while. We’ve recently sold our house and in the process of building a new one. Consequently, I’m putting the RV-7 build on hold for a while. I expect to be getting back into the kit around April 2014. Cheers! Gavin

Inventory complete

I finished taking inventory of the kit today. The last box was the Wing Kit. I added yet more paper to the growing mountain of wrapping in the corner of my shed. I repacked the wing kit parts back into the crate… … and went looking for the Chief Marker and Chief Scuffer. They had … Continue reading

It’s here! It’s here!

After 4 months of waiting I am pleased to announce that the rest of my kit has finally arrived. Yay! I had been advised that there was some minor pallet damage but that the goods were OK. I was keen to see the damage for myself. It was pretty minor. Here are the photos. I … Continue reading

More rivet practice

Managed to get back into the shed today. I was keen to make a 2nd test piece that would allow me to try several different rivet sets in the one piece. I made a test piece using 3 strips of 0.025″ alclad. Two of the strips were the same size but the third strip was … Continue reading

First rivets = first blood

I got my pneumatic tools and compressor all connected, oiled and tested yesterday. I was keen to experiment with this stuff and get a feel for these tools. Using some spare alclad I drilled some holes between two strips and tried out the rivet gun and bucking bar. The shortest -4 rivets I had were … Continue reading

Air navigation apps for iPad

Thought I’d play around with Air Nav Pro using my iPad this morning.  The train cruises at 70 knots.  Who knew?

First experience in an RV

Had the privilege to get a ride in a beautiful RV6 this morning. Built by Andrew Tainsh after about 3,500 hours. 2000+ fpm, 150kt cruise. Simply AMAZING!!!

RV-7 Preview Plans and Vans Info Pack have arrived!

Returned from holidays and a Fedex box arrived containing the RV-7 preview plans and the Van’s Aircraft information pack.  Guess who’s going to be up late pouring over these tonight?

Another blog is born

I needed a blog to document my journey in building an RV-7.  I have found other builder’s blogs to be a valuable source of information in my research and knowledge gathering.  I hope that this blog will also end up containing some useful info for others to use. I have never had a blog before. … Continue reading