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Elevators deburred and scuffed

Today I finished deburring and scuffing the elevator parts. I used my Scotchbrite wheel to deburr as many of the edges as possible. For the hard to reach places, I used my needle files. The spars have a couple of sharp corners near the inner end. Here’s a photo of an example. You can see … Continue reading

Elevator holes deburred

With the countersinking and match drilling completed, it was time to bevel the counterweight skins. First I marked the counter skins to show where they needed to be bevelled. I used my linisher sanding wheel to bevel the marked areas so that a smooth transition would be made with the elevator skins. I didn’t bevel … Continue reading

Elevator spar countersinks

I dd a bit of research regarding the clash between the microstop countersinking tool and the spar flanges that was preventing me from countersinking the holes closest to each flange. I couldn’t really find much info so I had to come up with something myself. I was considering cutting one side of the microstop guard … Continue reading

More work on the elevator

I managed to sneak into the shed for a little while this afternoon and did some more on the elevators. I finished match drilling them last time so now I disassembled both elevators. Here is the right one… … and here is the left … The instructions then called for the elevator counterweight skin to … Continue reading

Bending the elevators

My plans to get the fuel tanks completed before the tank sealant expiry date have turned out to be somewhat unrealistic. I estimate that I will be a couple of months away from sealing the tanks (based on current progress). Consequently, I have turned my attention back onto finishing the empennage and dusted off the … Continue reading

Rudder trailing edge riveted

Last night it was time to tackle the trailing edge of the rudder. The tank fuel sealant was left to cure all week so I started by removing the excess sealant that had leaked out here and there. I used TIMMY to carefully scape away the excess sealant and inserted rivets in the holes. I … Continue reading

Rudder Riveting – Day 2

I sent out a call to the SABC for some #10 dimple dies. David Mills replied with an even better solution – make your own! A very big thank you Dave. Your solution worked a treat! I made my own #10 dimple die by drilling a #10 hole in a spare block of wood, then … Continue reading

Rudder riveting – Day 1

Last night I snuck back into the shed with the intention of riveting the rudder together so I could bond the trailing edge. I started by riveting the 2 upper reinforcement plates onto the spar. Be careful that they are on the correct side and don’t forget the platenuts. Plenty of other builders have started … Continue reading

Rudder primed

I primed the rudder this afternoon. Trying to prime with mask, goggles and spectacles is a little awkward and prone to fogging and/or poor face fitting. I have ordered a personal air respirator which should make things much easier in the future. Here is a photo of the rudder parts primed and hung to dry. … Continue reading

Rudder ready for priming

I’ve managed to get a few hours clocked up in the shed during the week. Most of it has been deburring the rudder. I spent about 8 hours over 2 days breaking edges and deburring holes. Nothing too exciting so I didn’t take any photos of me working on the ribs, spars or skins. Here … Continue reading