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Finished off fuel tank z-brackets and riveted rudder leading edge

Today I finished working on the fuel tank z-brackets and the rudder leading edge. I had to drill the holes to size for the pop rivets to fit, so I drilled and riveted a single hole at a time. This kept the leading edge joined together and aligned. There was no way I in hell … Continue reading

Fuel Tank Z brackets and Rudder Leading Edge Rolled

This post covers two building sessions over the past couple of days. My mate Mitchell came down this weekend to give me hand. Last night we got the Z-brackets made for the fuel tanks. Today we rolled the leading edge of the rudder. Last night we started by marking the centreline of the flanges on … Continue reading

Finished the trim tab

I had another big day in the shed today. I started by back riveting the electric trim assembly together. I then installed the servo motor and mounted it inside the elevator. It fit nicely and the servo arm is centred in the notch. The plans then called for the rear spar to be riveted to … Continue reading

Left elevator riveting

This afternoon I went back to work on the left elevator. I had to fix up the trim tab cutout tabs by cutting them out and replacing them with a mini-rib. Using my die grinder with a cutting disc, I carefully cut out both tabs. I then used my back riveting plate, blocks of wood … Continue reading

Right elevator riveting

Yesterday I managed to finish riveting the right elevator. I had the rivets in the ribs near the trailing edge to set as I couldn’t reach them with the squeezer or bucking bar. I also had the -4 and -4.5 rivets to squeeze near the trailing edge of the counterweight skin. I set the counterweight … Continue reading

Riveting the elevators

Had a big day today. Started off early by priming all the elevator parts before it got too hot. No photos sorry. I then went to Western Airmotive and bought a replacement hinge for the trim tab and a new kneeboard for my navigation training. Later on in the day we started riveting the elevators … Continue reading

Fixing up the VS

At my last technical inspection, we discovered that I had somehow made a boo-boo with one of the rib-spar unions. I don’t know how I did it, but I somehow put the rib over the top of the par rivets instead of having the rivets holding the rib to the spar. Here’s a photo of … Continue reading

Electric trim assembly

The girls went shopping today so the boys went to the shed. I did a “once over” on the elevator and found that the electric trim assembly had yet to be done. I started by assembling the servo and mounting brackets, then fixing the servo cover plate to the elevator skin. I placed the servo … Continue reading

Elevators ready for priming

I’m on holidays. Yay! Had a great Christmas catching up with the family. The outlaws (in-laws) are visiting and my father-in-law was keen to have a look at my plane. Naturally “looking” became “building”. I needed something to dimple the holes in the narrow tapers. I didn’t want to use the sacrificial rivet method and … Continue reading

More work on the elevators

I haven’t been in the shed for a couple of weeks. Mainly due to work commitments or because I had to do other jobs around the property. Fortunately, I managed to sneak in a little bit last weekend. Using my pneumatic squeezer, I dimpled all the ribs and spars. Here’s an action shot. I managed … Continue reading