October 2011
Wing build commenced!
Countersinking spar nutplate holes
Spar nutplate countersink repairs

November 2011
Wing spar countersinks repaired

January 2012
Main spar work
Main spars complete
Started work on the rear spar and ribs
Wing ribs deburred and rear spar work
Starting hanging ribs on the spar
Main wing skeleton match drilled and deburred
Rear spar ready for priming and wing wiring conduits
Wing ribs ready for priming

February 2012
Wing skeleton cleaned and ready for priming
Wing skeleton painted and ready for riveting

March 2012
Wing riveting begins

April 2012
Back into the wings…
Main rib rivetting
More main rib rivetting
Main rib rivetting … again
Wing skeleton riveting complete and first skins on
Left wing top skin match drilling
Right wing top skins match drilled and 300 build hours reached

May 2012
Bottom Skins De-vinyled

June 2012
Finished drilling wing skins and started tank cradle
Finished tank cradle
Wing leading edges attached
Fuel Tank Z brackets and Rudder Leading Edge Rolled
Finished off fuel tank z-brackets and riveted rudder leading edge

July/August 2012
Inner z-bracket problem
OMG! My Wife helped me build today.

September 2012
Drilling the dreaded fuel tank z-bracket to baffle holes
More work on the fuel tanks

November 2012
More work on the left fuel tank
Onto the right fuel tank

December 2012
More on the right fuel tank
Fuel tank inspection holes
Riveted tank sender hatch rings
Fuel Cap Drilling
Drilled Tank Drains

January 2013
Finished tank deburring
All tank parts dimpled
Inverted flight fuel tank mods
Inverted flight fuel tank mods – part 2
Preparing to rivet the fuel tanks together
Trapdoors and Fuel tank sealing – Part 1
Sealing the fuel tanks – Part 2

April 2013
More Fuel Tank Sealing

May 2013
Even more fuel tank riveting

June 2013
Drilling out fuel tank rivets and starting the fuel senders


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