April 2011
Empennage Kit arrived!
Horizontal Stabiliser Rear Spar
Building has officially commenced!
HS rear spar – day2
HS rear spar – ready for rivets
HS forward spar
HS fwd spar day 2 – first stuff up?
HS fwd spar – cleaning up the mess
HS rear spar riveting
HS ribs
HS ribs – day 2
HS ribs – done
HS skins
HS inner ribs

May 2011
HS inner ribs and spars match drilled
Finished match drilling HS
HS deburring
HS holes deburred
HS ready for cleaning and priming
HS Skins ready for priming
Started on the VS
VS skin is on
VS match drilling
VS deburring complete
Dimpling HS and VS parts
Tried to prime…no…start rudder…wait!…start the elevators

June 2011
Skin hole fix and Elevator stiffeners
Left rudder skin problem was a builder problem … oops
Painting practice … yeah … that’s what I’ll call it …
It’s good to be green – HS primed!
HS rear spar riveted
Riveting HS day 2 … and drilling my first rivets out
A little bit of HS, a little bit of elevator and a TC visit
Riveting more of the HS
Riveting HS rear spar
HS complete!
VS primed
Starting to rivet VS together

July 2011
VS skin riveted on
GFPT passed and VS complete!
Elevator edge prep

August 2011
Both elevators deburred and edge prepped
Elevator riveting
Elevator skeletons
Elevator Skeleton and Rudder Stiffeners
Inventory complete

September 2011
Rudder stiffeners and skins
Rudder stiffeners riveted
Rudder clecoed together
Rudder match drilling
Rudder ready for deburring
Rudder ready for priming
Rudder primed

October 2011
Rudder riveting – Day 1
Rudder Riveting – Day 2
Rudder trailing edge riveted

November 2011
Bending the elevators
More work on the elevator
Elevator spar countersinks
Elevator holes deburred
Elevators deburred and scuffed

December 2011
More work on the elevators
Elevators ready for priming
Electric trim assembly
Fixing up the VS
Riveting the elevators
Right elevator riveting

January 2012
Left elevator riveting
Finished the trim tab

June 2012
Fuel Tank Z brackets and Rudder Leading Edge Rolled
Finished off fuel tank z-brackets and riveted rudder leading edge


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