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Capacitive Fuel Sender Plates

Today I made the capacitive fuel sender plates for my fuel tanks. I decided to use some of my old, damaged wing skins as stock. After measuring the internal dimensions between the 2nd and 3rd rib, I made a cardboard mockup of the plate to ensure a good fit. I then marked out 2 of … Continue reading

New wing skins

Yesterday I helped out at my local club. We had a busy bee to get the airfield tidied up and ready for our annual fly in. We also acid cleaned the concrete floor for our hangar ready for painting. It was great motivation to get back into my RV-7 build. I recently volunteered to be … Continue reading

Damage assessment

After a 2 year hiatus, I am pleased to advise that my new shed has been set up and I have started working on the plane again. Yay! I removed the wings from storage and moved them onto their stands in their new home. Once there I gave them a good once over to see … Continue reading

I’ll be back soon!

Hi All. Sincere apologies for the hiatus. I’ve taken a longer than expected break from building my RV-7. As life tends to do, unexpected twists and turns have resulted in a fair layer of dust accumulating on my completed parts and crates. But don’t worry! I’ll be getting back into building in a couple of … Continue reading

I’m taking a break!

G’day, You have probably noticed that I haven’t posted an update for a while. We’ve recently sold our house and in the process of building a new one. Consequently, I’m putting the RV-7 build on hold for a while. I expect to be getting back into the kit around April 2014. Cheers! Gavin

Drilling out fuel tank rivets and starting the fuel senders

Today I started with a clean up of my shed. It was looking dusty and untidy so I started putting things away, throwing things out and then sweeping the floor. After about 1.5 hours it looked like a different shed. Much neater and uncluttered. I then went to the fuel tanks and double checked for … Continue reading

Even more fuel tank riveting

Today Bill and I spent most of the day in the shed. By the end of the day we had finished riveting all the ribs on both fuel tanks. We pretty much used the same method as for the first fuel tank so I won’t repeat that here. Here are the photos of progress made … Continue reading

More Fuel Tank Sealing

G’day, I haven’t touched my kit for a while due to various distractions, but I’m pleased to report I’ve been able to get back into the shed recently. This post covers about 3 weeks worth of work. Work continues on sealing the fuel tanks. I am concentrating on one tank so I can get familiar … Continue reading

Sealing the fuel tanks – Part 2

This morning I riveted on the stiffeners, tank drain and fuel cap flange on the right skin. This time I used a slightly different method that was a bit cleaner, easier and faster. Instead of completing all work on 1 stiffener (i.e. applying sealant, twirling rivets, setting the rivets, filleting the edges and adding more … Continue reading

Trapdoors and Fuel tank sealing – Part 1

This afternoon I got back into the shed and finished making the trapdoors. I trimmed the hinge pieces on the band saw and rounded all the edges with my Scotchbrite wheel. I then marked the centre line and rivet hole locations and drilled the hinges. I then used the lower hinge to match drill the … Continue reading