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New wing skins

Yesterday I helped out at my local club. We had a busy bee to get the airfield tidied up and ready for our annual fly in. We also acid cleaned the concrete floor for our hangar ready for painting. It was great motivation to get back into my RV-7 build. I recently volunteered to be the Secretary for our local SAAA Chapter. To provide myself with additional incentive to get back into building, I’m hosting an “open shed” event for SAAA ad SABC members to come and have a look at my RV-7 build progress in October.

I dusted off my left fuel tank and put it into my cradle. I found I had 5 rivets that I needed to re-do. I have also decided to change from resistive fuel senders to capacitive in order to resolve the flop tube and sender arms clashing.

I then unpacked my new wing skins and clecoed them onto the wing frames.

After getting the new skins on I then had to vacuum my wings. They were filthy! After a couple of years there was a fair amount of dust on them. Here is the “before” vs “after” shot.

To be honest I have been dreading getting the fuel tanks finished. The idea of having to re-do the fuel senders has been a bit of a deterrent. However, I really enjoyed working on the kit again. Now that the house has been built and the gardens, fencing, retic, etc has all been finished, I have no excuse to not get back into building. Looking forward to some more shed time real soon!

Apologies for the followers of this blog on the ~3 year hiatus. Rest assured I’ll be building and blogging on a regular basis again.

Build time 1 hour.

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