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Sealing the fuel tanks – Part 2

This morning I riveted on the stiffeners, tank drain and fuel cap flange on the right skin. This time I used a slightly different method that was a bit cleaner, easier and faster. Instead of completing all work on 1 stiffener (i.e. applying sealant, twirling rivets, setting the rivets, filleting the edges and adding more … Continue reading

Trapdoors and Fuel tank sealing – Part 1

This afternoon I got back into the shed and finished making the trapdoors. I trimmed the hinge pieces on the band saw and rounded all the edges with my Scotchbrite wheel. I then marked the centre line and rivet hole locations and drilled the hinges. I then used the lower hinge to match drill the … Continue reading

Preparing to rivet the fuel tanks together

Today I started getting this organised in preparation to rivet the fuel tanks together. I wore rubber gloves during this entiere process to prevent oils from my skin contaminating any of the mating surfaces. After getting some more PreKote I cleaned all the mating surfaces on both skins. I use this stuff before priming and … Continue reading

Inverted flight fuel tank mods – part 2

Today I continued on with the inverted flight fuel tank mods. I started by clecoing the inner 2 and outer ribs onto the left skin. I only put clecoes in the bottom side as I wnted to keep access inside the tank. I did this to see how the anti-hang up strip I made yesterday … Continue reading

Inverted flight fuel tank mods

Today I decided to go back through the fuel tank plans to double check if I had missed anything. It seemed like I had everything covered except I couldn’t find any mention in the instructions on how the fuel lines need to be modified to allow for inverted flight. However, the drawings do have some … Continue reading

All tank parts dimpled

As luck would have it, I found myself back in the shed twice in the same day. A rare and joyous event nowadays. So to make the most of the opportunity, I decided I was going to try and dimple everything that needed it in a single session. I set up my C-frame in between … Continue reading

Finished tank deburring

Today I finished off deburring the holes on the left tank, ribs and baffles. I also deburred the Z-bracket holes. Nothing really exciting but here is a photo of all the pieces after I’ve deburred them. I’m now ready to dimple everything. Build time 2.5 hours.