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Drilled Tank Drains

I started looking for my fuel tank drains. I new I had seen them somewhere but I couldn’t remember exactly where. As I was going through my wing parts I discovered another pair of T-410 nose doubler plates. Hmmm… I didn’t remember the plans requiring two of there plates so I went back and checked the drawings. I discovered that there are reinforcing plates at BOTH ends of the fuel tank.

Extra fuel tank doublers

I picked out one of the T-410’s I had already drilled and used this as a guide to drill the two other pieces. I then checked them for fit on the outboard tank ribs.

Extra tank doublers drilled

I used my Scotchbrite wheel to carefully grind the doublers to fit snug against the nose rib. This included rounding one edge a tad more than usual in order to allow for the web-flange radius and fit right up close and snug. I then deburred the holes. As I was doing this, I had a flashback about the tank drains. I suddenly thought that they may be in one of the bags which I have sorted on one of my shelves. Sure enough, I found the missing drains in Bag 415.

You can run but you can't hide!

Using a large spring clamp, I held one of the tank drains in position, using the pre-punched hole as a guide to centre. I carefully drilled the first hole and put a cleco into it. Putting more clecoes into each hole as I drilled, I managed to get both tank drains drilled.

Fuel tank drain clamped
Fuel tank drain drilled

I then finished debarring all the holes on the right tank skin, right tank ribs and right tank baffle. The right tank is now ready for dimpling. I’ll debur the left tank next session.

Build time 2.5 hours.


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