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Drilled Tank Drains

I started looking for my fuel tank drains. I new I had seen them somewhere but I couldn’t remember exactly where. As I was going through my wing parts I discovered another pair of T-410 nose doubler plates. Hmmm… I didn’t remember the plans requiring two of there plates so I went back and checked … Continue reading

Fuel Cap Drilling

After looking at a couple of other builders’ blogs, I confirmed that the deluxe fuel cap flange is what I need to use in place of the standard flange shown in the plans. Looking at the cap flange, I noticed that it was curved to match the curvature of the skin. I also notices that … Continue reading

Riveted tank sender hatch rings

Today I riveted on the reinforcing rings and nutplates to the inboard ribs of both fuel tanks. I had already clecoed everything in place so I fired up the compressor and started riveting. I found that it was a bit too awkward to use my squeezers so I had to use my rivet gun. After … Continue reading

Fuel tank inspection holes

I’ve been thinking about how to cut the large circular inspection holes in the fuel tanks. I don’t have a fly cutter and wasn’t able to source one locally. A few of the other builders have trimmed these by hand and filed them to size but I wasn’t keen on this approach as it sounded … Continue reading

More on the right fuel tank

This post covers the past 2 weekends. Last week, I drilled the skin to rib holes to the correct size, drilled the skin spar attach holes to #19 size, and countersunk the spanwise holes on the tank skin on one side that join to the baffle plate. There wasn’t anything really exciting or different to … Continue reading