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Finished off fuel tank z-brackets and riveted rudder leading edge

Today I finished working on the fuel tank z-brackets and the rudder leading edge.

I had to drill the holes to size for the pop rivets to fit, so I drilled and riveted a single hole at a time. This kept the leading edge joined together and aligned. There was no way I in hell I wanted to try and get those leading edges joined again. It was pretty straight forward using this method with no dramas encountered. I also picked out the fish-eye bearing bolts and jam nuts and hand screwed them into position. I’ll get these aligned later. I also pop riveted the 4 rivets on the bottom of the rudder horn brace. Here is the final result. Rudder build time 1 hour.

I then got the z-brackets and confirmed that the paint had dried. I then back-riveted the 3 platenuts onto each z-bracket and bolted them to the wing spars. I only hand tightened them but I’ll do them up properly next build session. Wing build time 2 hours.


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Husband and father of 2. Control & Instrumentation Engineer. Flying nut. Gadget geek.


2 thoughts on “Finished off fuel tank z-brackets and riveted rudder leading edge

  1. Great site! I’ve been reading each installment – it is extremely helpful with my build (RV-7)

    Posted by sboling | July 22, 2012, 2:03 am

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