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Wing leading edges attached

I started today’s building session by finishing off clecoing the nose ribs into the right leading edge skin. I then placed the leading edge onto the wing and clecoed it into position.

I then placed the end nose rib into position. This rib has no pre-punched holes in it. I used a metal ruler and some cleco clamps to hold the rib into position flush to the skin edge whilst I match drilled the aft flange of the nose rib through the main spar.

I checked the hole by holding my camera inside the leading edge and taking a photo. The edge clearances are good but I think the flange is touching the rivets in the spar. I’ll take a bit of the edge off when I round the corners of the rib to make some clearance.

I then had to pick out the tank skin braces and mark a line 1/2″ in from one edge.

I then inserted the tank skin bracing strip in between the leading edge skin and the end nose rib. It took a bit of fiddling back and forth but I managed to get the bracing strip and end nose rib aligned properly with the leading edge skin pre-punched holes, then I drilled a hole near the leading edge using the skin as a drill guide. I then pulled the pieces apart to double-check I had the alignment right. All good!

I then drilled and clecoed all the holes on the end nose rib. While I was at it, I ended up match drilling all the leading edge skin to rib holes.

I then repeated these steps for the left leading edge. I’m using my new digital camera instead of using my phone to take photos. The new phone’s camera is lousy. The new digital camera has a self-timer so now I can take photos with the whole of me in them … rather than just my hands and feet!

Next to do are the fuel tanks! Time to order some more stuff from Vans methinks.

Build time 4 hours.


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2 thoughts on “Wing leading edges attached

  1. Your patience will pay off!


    Posted by Bob Blain | June 12, 2012, 3:00 pm

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