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Finished drilling wing skins and started tank cradle

Today I match drilled the wing bottom skins. I have enough clecoes to adequately fix and drill one wing at a time. I just have enough to hang the skins on the other wing, but I wouldn’t be comfortable in match drilling it as the clecoes are too far apart to provide adequate alignment.

The left wing was pretty much ready to go from my last effort in the shed so I got stuck into that. I managed to match drill both bottom skins without any dramas. I then removed some of the clecoes from the left wing so that I could have enough to drill the right wing. Again, the right wing was match drilled without any issues. I then removed some of the clecoes from the right wing and put the top skins back on the skeleton. I had forgotten to mark the centreline of the tie down eye onto the skins so I did this with my Sharpie pen. Here are a couple of shots of the wing skins all match drilled.

With that done I consulted the plans and found it was time to make the leading edge and tank cradle. At first I thought it was time to build the actual wing cradle, and I spent a bit of time cutting some spare lengths of timber to size for the wing cradle frame. I started to wonder how the wings were going to sit properly without the leading edge so I re-checked the plans. I’ll have to make the wing cradle eventually so no real wasted effort – just a little sooner than required 🙂

I got some of the spare ply sheeting I had lying around and cut out two rectangle pieces to size and a length of 4″x2″. I then marked a line 1″ up from the bottom of each ply sheet and traced the profle of a wing leading edge rib on one sheet.

I then cut out the wing rib outline using a Jig-Saw and traced the shapre onto the other ply sheet.

I then marked the centre of the 2″x4″ and each ply sheet on the bottom edge, so that I could make sure everything could be aligned properly.

I tried to find some L-brackets to fix the sheets to the timber but I didn’t have any. I’ll have to do a run to the hardware store tomorrow for some parts.

Build time 4 hours.


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