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Finished off fuel tank z-brackets and riveted rudder leading edge

Today I finished working on the fuel tank z-brackets and the rudder leading edge. I had to drill the holes to size for the pop rivets to fit, so I drilled and riveted a single hole at a time. This kept the leading edge joined together and aligned. There was no way I in hell … Continue reading

Fuel Tank Z brackets and Rudder Leading Edge Rolled

This post covers two building sessions over the past couple of days. My mate Mitchell came down this weekend to give me hand. Last night we got the Z-brackets made for the fuel tanks. Today we rolled the leading edge of the rudder. Last night we started by marking the centreline of the flanges on … Continue reading

Wing leading edges attached

I started today’s building session by finishing off clecoing the nose ribs into the right leading edge skin. I then placed the leading edge onto the wing and clecoed it into position. I then placed the end nose rib into position. This rib has no pre-punched holes in it. I used a metal ruler and … Continue reading

Finished tank cradle

I got some brackets and was able to finish my tank cradle today. First I drilled the L-brackets into position and glued the ply sheets to the timber with some liquid nails. I then screwed the brackets onto the sheets. I then trimmed some spare rubber matting I had and clamped these into position to … Continue reading

Finished drilling wing skins and started tank cradle

Today I match drilled the wing bottom skins. I have enough clecoes to adequately fix and drill one wing at a time. I just have enough to hang the skins on the other wing, but I wouldn’t be comfortable in match drilling it as the clecoes are too far apart to provide adequate alignment. The … Continue reading

Bottom Skins De-vinyled

I’m back! I’ve been travelling with work and haven’t worked on the plane much lately. I did managed to devinyl the bottom skins and fix them to the skeletons though. Ising my blunt soldering iron and wooden straight edge, I melted lines on the blue vinyl protective sheet so I could remove the platic in … Continue reading