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Right wing top skins match drilled and 300 build hours reached

Today I made some progress on the right wings. First, I put additional clecoes in the skins to help align everything.

I then match drilled the skins using the same method as the left wing. I had my two little helpers lend me a hand during some of this work. Once drilling was done I removed the skins from the skeleton.

I then picked out the bottom skins and placed these on the bench. I started to de-vinyl the left bottom skins, however my two helpers were getting restless and wanted me to go “play armies” with them. I managed to get one skin done. I’ll finish off the rest later.

Build time 2.5 hours. Hmmm… methinks I just passed the 300 build hours milestone. Yay!

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Husband and father of 2. Control & Instrumentation Engineer. Flying nut. Gadget geek.


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