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More main rib rivetting

This morning Mitch and I finished off the main rib rivets that we left yesterday. These were the ones near the main spar brace bars that used to have the clecoes in them.

First we applied a couple of layers of tape around the sides of the bucking bar. I left the face of the buckng bar bare so that it would still impact the shop heads as usual. I also applied a layer of tape on the wall of each spar bracer bar near each rivet hole. This was done to prevent the bucking bar scratching the main spar when setting the shop heads. We had to drill a couple of the rivets out where I mustn’t have held the rivet gun perfect square and ended up spreading or splitting the factory heads. Considering this work was done exclusively with the offset bit, I’m very happy with how things went. Having the second person to buck the rivets made all the difference.

Here is a shot of some of the finished rivets.

I have left the inner most main rib removed, and I have the last few outboard ribs to rivet to the spar now (where the main spar doubler plate doesn’t reach). All the rest of the main ribs are now rivetted to the main spar for both wings.

1.5 hours with 2 people = 3 build hours. Thanks for your help Mitch! 🙂


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