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Right wing top skins match drilled and 300 build hours reached

Today I made some progress on the right wings. First, I put additional clecoes in the skins to help align everything. I then match drilled the skins using the same method as the left wing. I had my two little helpers lend me a hand during some of this work. Once drilling was done I … Continue reading

Left wing top skin match drilling

Yesterday I snuck into the shed and started match drilling the top skins. First, I put in more clecoes that what I already in place. I had enough clecoes to put one in every 3rd hole. In areas that needed a bit more support, I put clecoes in every 2nd hole. This ensured that the … Continue reading

Wing skeleton riveting complete and first skins on

I managed to twist Mitchell’s arm to come down to give me a hand with the wing skeleton riveting again. Thanks Mitch! In quick order, we set the outboard rivets that I have having great difficulty doing myself. We then went to the two most inboard wibs that I had left until last to rivet … Continue reading

Main rib rivetting … again

I got back into the shed this morning to get some more work on the wing skeletons. I also wanted to make some changes on my wing stand as I wasn’t 100% happy with how the wings were mounted on the outboard ends. My concern was that as the wing was built (and got heavier) … Continue reading

More main rib rivetting

This morning Mitch and I finished off the main rib rivets that we left yesterday. These were the ones near the main spar brace bars that used to have the clecoes in them. First we applied a couple of layers of tape around the sides of the bucking bar. I left the face of the … Continue reading

Main rib rivetting

My mate Mitchell came down today and he gave me a hand in the shed. I was up to riveting the main ribs to the main spar. Whilst it is probably possible to rivet these solo, it was MUCH easier having a second set of hands. I was on the rivet gun and Mitch was … Continue reading

Back into the wings…

I’ve been racking up the frequent flier miles and haven’t been in the shed for a few weeks. This weekend I plan to remedy this and made a start today by sneaking in a couple of hours on the tools. I dusted off the parts from where I left them and got back to work … Continue reading