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Wing ribs ready for priming

I wanted to get the wing ribs ready for priming. Before I could do this I had to decide on what I was going to do for the pitot air line. After a bit of research I decided on going with a SafeAir1 pitot and Angle of Attack (AoA) setup. This requires two lines to be run (1 for the pitot and 1 for the AoA sensor). I decided to use the tooling holes in the ribs for these lines. These holes can be drilled out to 3/8″ (as allowed by Vans) to accept the SafeAir1 grommets, then the lines run through the grommets. The holes between the tooling holes are left unused (in case I need them for something later!). Once again, Brad Oliver’s site was a great source of information.

I set of my Unibit on the pedestal drill and grabbed a spare block of wood to drill behind each rib to prevent bit chatter. I carefully drilled the ribs that were still clecoed in pairs so I was drilling 2 ribs at once. There were a couple of ribs that only had 1 tooling hole. I used another rib as a guide and match drilled.

Once I had all the left wing ribs drilled for the air lines, I put them aside. I then got to work on the right wing ribs and deburred all the tooling holes using TIMMY or my microfiles. I then scuffed them with some Scothbrite pad. Here is a shot of the right wing ribs ready for priming. I can also save you some research time – you don’t dimple them yet. This happens after match drilling the skins.

I then repeated the process for the left wing ribs.

I was keen to prime the ribs and rear spar parts this morning but it’s very windy. I’ll have to wait for a calmer day.

Build time 3.5 hrs.


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