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Main spars complete

Today I finished the main spars. I finished debarring and breaking the edges on the t-sections then primed everything. Once the primer was dry, I back riveted the spacers and plate nuts to each t-section. I almost riveted the spacers without the plate nuts but remembered just prior to setting the first rivet. Phew!

Before fixing the tie down assemblies to the spars, the bell crank brackets for the aerolons. I had to drill the holes with the #12 bit and debut to allow the bolts to pass through the brackets. I inserted two bolts in each bracket, then inserted the bolts into the spar web.

I then positioned the tie down assemblies onto the spars and held them in place with the -6A bolts by screwing them into the plate nuts. I only screwed them finger tight at this stage as the bolts into the spar still need to be inserted.

I then inserted the -7A bolts into the holes at the top and bottom of each tie down assembly. Once all the bolts were in position and hand tightened, I grabbed my torque wrench and tightened them to 23 in-lb’s as per the recommended torque settings for AN3 bolts. I finished off by placing torque seal on each nut and marking the bolt head positions on the brackets so I can visually check if any of them move.

With that, both main spars are complete. Yay! I’ll need to finish off my wing stand soon as I’m going to need it in the near future.

Build time 1.5 hrs.


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