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Wing ribs ready for priming

I wanted to get the wing ribs ready for priming. Before I could do this I had to decide on what I was going to do for the pitot air line. After a bit of research I decided on going with a SafeAir1 pitot and Angle of Attack (AoA) setup. This requires two lines to … Continue reading

Rear spar ready for priming and wing wiring conduits

This afternoon I got back into the rear spars. I wanted to get these ready for priming as next weekend is a 4-day holiday and I’m hoping to get some painting done. I disassembled both rear spars and used my hex deburring tool on all the holes I had match drilled. I used TIMMY on … Continue reading

Main wing skeleton match drilled and deburred

Today I match drilled the rear spar to main rib rivet holes. This involved me laying on the ground underneath my wings and drilling the holes upwards. This was easier than using my 12″ drill bit and trying to drill down. The 12″ bit would be required as you can’t get the drill vertical as … Continue reading

Starting hanging ribs on the spar

Today I started clecoing the ribs to the spars in preparation for match drilling. There are 3 different types of main ribs and they don’t all face the same way. Particular attention needs to be given to the drawings to ensure that the correct ribs are placed in the correct position. As usual, Vans have … Continue reading

Wing ribs deburred and rear spar work

If I don’t debur another wing rib for 10 years it will be too soon. Man what a tedious and repetitive job. I’m very grateful that the father-in-law was around to lend a hand or else I’d be working on these ribs for the next month. We picked up where we left off with me … Continue reading

Started work on the rear spar and ribs

Last night I started work on the rear spar. To make some room, Bill and I finished my wing stands and clamped the main spars onto it. Over the coming weeks, the wings will be constructed on this stand. I can’t wait. It will start looking like a real plane! After cleaning the bench I … Continue reading

Main spars complete

Today I finished the main spars. I finished debarring and breaking the edges on the t-sections then primed everything. Once the primer was dry, I back riveted the spacers and plate nuts to each t-section. I almost riveted the spacers without the plate nuts but remembered just prior to setting the first rivet. Phew! Before … Continue reading

Main spar work

I had most of the day to myself today so I managed to get another big day in the shed. I started off by riveting the fuel tank plate nuts onto the spar with my squeezer. When doing this be careful of the clearance between the plate nuts and the squeezer yoke as it is … Continue reading

Finished the trim tab

I had another big day in the shed today. I started by back riveting the electric trim assembly together. I then installed the servo motor and mounted it inside the elevator. It fit nicely and the servo arm is centred in the notch. The plans then called for the rear spar to be riveted to … Continue reading

Left elevator riveting

This afternoon I went back to work on the left elevator. I had to fix up the trim tab cutout tabs by cutting them out and replacing them with a mini-rib. Using my die grinder with a cutting disc, I carefully cut out both tabs. I then used my back riveting plate, blocks of wood … Continue reading