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More work on the elevators

I haven’t been in the shed for a couple of weeks. Mainly due to work commitments or because I had to do other jobs around the property. Fortunately, I managed to sneak in a little bit last weekend.

Using my pneumatic squeezer, I dimpled all the ribs and spars. Here’s an action shot.

I managed to get most of the holes dimpled except for the ones near the narrow tapered ends. Like these ones …

The squeezer was too big to fit inside the flanges of the rib. On the VS I bent the flanges outwards to make enough room, then bent them back into position. I didn’t really like to approach and the EAA has some videos on a technique using blind rivets that allows you to dimple in these sort of tight areas. However, you have to drill out the rivets when you’re done. As my blind rivet supply is limited, and I am expecting to encounter this problem a lot with the wings, I was thinking of making a jig similar to the one I made for the elevator counterweight skin dimple. I’ll do some experimenting and will post my results. For now, I’ve left these holes as is.

I then dimpled the spars …

… then used my DRDT2 to dimple the skins.

It was around about this time that the Chief Dimpler made an appearance in the shed and wanted to help. Naturally, he did a superb job … after I gave him a step to stand on so he could reach the handle.

Once I have those last dimples done near the tapered ends, I’m ready to paint then rivet. Build time 1.5 hours.


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