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Riveting the elevators

Had a big day today. Started off early by priming all the elevator parts before it got too hot. No photos sorry. I then went to Western Airmotive and bought a replacement hinge for the trim tab and a new kneeboard for my navigation training. Later on in the day we started riveting the elevators … Continue reading

Fixing up the VS

At my last technical inspection, we discovered that I had somehow made a boo-boo with one of the rib-spar unions. I don’t know how I did it, but I somehow put the rib over the top of the par rivets instead of having the rivets holding the rib to the spar. Here’s a photo of … Continue reading

Electric trim assembly

The girls went shopping today so the boys went to the shed. I did a “once over” on the elevator and found that the electric trim assembly had yet to be done. I started by assembling the servo and mounting brackets, then fixing the servo cover plate to the elevator skin. I placed the servo … Continue reading

Elevators ready for priming

I’m on holidays. Yay! Had a great Christmas catching up with the family. The outlaws (in-laws) are visiting and my father-in-law was keen to have a look at my plane. Naturally “looking” became “building”. I needed something to dimple the holes in the narrow tapers. I didn’t want to use the sacrificial rivet method and … Continue reading

More work on the elevators

I haven’t been in the shed for a couple of weeks. Mainly due to work commitments or because I had to do other jobs around the property. Fortunately, I managed to sneak in a little bit last weekend. Using my pneumatic squeezer, I dimpled all the ribs and spars. Here’s an action shot. I managed … Continue reading