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Elevators deburred and scuffed

Today I finished deburring and scuffing the elevator parts. I used my Scotchbrite wheel to deburr as many of the edges as possible. For the hard to reach places, I used my needle files. The spars have a couple of sharp corners near the inner end. Here’s a photo of an example. You can see the rounded and deburred corner on the left and the original on the right.

I also filed the elevator counterweights so that the untouched ends were rounded to a similar profile as the end I filed earlier for the counterweight skins. I did this by clamping the counterweight to the corner of my bench as shown below.

I then used my Vixen file and filed enough of the counterweight so that the profile roughly matched the other end. Here is a photo of the result.

I then gave all the edges a quick sand with some 400 grit sanding sponge and then scuffed all parts. Everything is now ready for dimpling.

Build time 2.5 hrs.


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