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Elevator holes deburred

With the countersinking and match drilling completed, it was time to bevel the counterweight skins. First I marked the counter skins to show where they needed to be bevelled.

I used my linisher sanding wheel to bevel the marked areas so that a smooth transition would be made with the elevator skins.

I didn’t bevel these to a knife edge, just thin enough so that the elevator skins wouldn’t have a step in them when they were laid over these edges.

I then used my hex debarring tool and TIMMY to deburr all the holes on both elevators. I used my needle files to debur the holes that I couldn’t reach with TIMMY. It was slow going and tedious, but necessary work. Here is a shot of the right elevator disassembled with all holes deburred.

Next session I’ll break the edges and scuff to get them ready for priming.

Build time 3.5 hrs.


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