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Elevators deburred and scuffed

Today I finished deburring and scuffing the elevator parts. I used my Scotchbrite wheel to deburr as many of the edges as possible. For the hard to reach places, I used my needle files. The spars have a couple of sharp corners near the inner end. Here’s a photo of an example. You can see … Continue reading

Elevator holes deburred

With the countersinking and match drilling completed, it was time to bevel the counterweight skins. First I marked the counter skins to show where they needed to be bevelled. I used my linisher sanding wheel to bevel the marked areas so that a smooth transition would be made with the elevator skins. I didn’t bevel … Continue reading

Elevator spar countersinks

I dd a bit of research regarding the clash between the microstop countersinking tool and the spar flanges that was preventing me from countersinking the holes closest to each flange. I couldn’t really find much info so I had to come up with something myself. I was considering cutting one side of the microstop guard … Continue reading

More work on the elevator

I managed to sneak into the shed for a little while this afternoon and did some more on the elevators. I finished match drilling them last time so now I disassembled both elevators. Here is the right one… … and here is the left … The instructions then called for the elevator counterweight skin to … Continue reading

Bending the elevators

My plans to get the fuel tanks completed before the tank sealant expiry date have turned out to be somewhat unrealistic. I estimate that I will be a couple of months away from sealing the tanks (based on current progress). Consequently, I have turned my attention back onto finishing the empennage and dusted off the … Continue reading

Wing spar countersinks repaired

Just a quick note to say I have finished repairing the wing spar nut plate holes. To repair the lower side was 1.5hrs. I’ll be getting into the shed over the weekend and will have some more informative updates posted soon.