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Wing build commenced!

Last night I started work on the wings. The instructions start by calling for the spars to be countersunk and some nutplates to be riveted. I spent a few days double and triple checking which holes had to be countersunk and by how much before I even picked up the drill. Be very, VERY careful and be VERY sure of what you need to do before starting work on the spars. You don’t want to ruin these.

I started out by clamping both spars (1 each side) to my bench. I then placed riveting tape on the web/flange union of the spar and reinforcing plate. This is used to stop metal bits and pieces (I think they call it swathe .. or something) from falling into these nooks and crannies. Blue painters tape leaves a sticky residue of the spars when you peel it off. Normal tape is worse. I also used scraps of lino for the clamps so that the spar wasn’t scratched or damaged by them. Here is a photo of one of the spars set up.

I then used my ali box tube that I used for the rudder trailing edge, to set up the correct countersink depth on my countersinking tool. I checked the depth with a rivet.

After triple checking that I had the correct holes, I countersunk the first hole on the spar and checked the depth. Looks good.

I then went about countersinking all the holes for the nutplate attach rivets. I’m working on both wings at the same time so I did both spars.

Once I had the first side done, I flipped both spars and did the other side. To avoid the same confusion that I encountered, yes there are more nutplates on one side of the spar than the other. I believe these are for the inspection panels that are only located on the lower side. Here is a shot of both spars.

I then got set up to countersink the bolt holes but I called it a night before starting as it was getting late.

Build time 2 hours.


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