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Spar nutplate countersink repairs

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve made it back into the shed. Work has been crazy and last weekend was a social affair. Yesterday was a public holiday so I managed to get a little bit done. My brother has just moved house and as a result I have inherited his old workbench, … Continue reading

Countersinking spar nutplate holes

I would like to start this post buy providing a word of caution to anyone about to countersink holes on your nice, golden spars. My strong recommendation is to not touch a single tool until you know exactly what you need to do. I was very fortunate that my mistake was correctable but it could … Continue reading

Wing build commenced!

Last night I started work on the wings. The instructions start by calling for the spars to be countersunk and some nutplates to be riveted. I spent a few days double and triple checking which holes had to be countersunk and by how much before I even picked up the drill. Be very, VERY careful … Continue reading

Rudder trailing edge riveted

Last night it was time to tackle the trailing edge of the rudder. The tank fuel sealant was left to cure all week so I started by removing the excess sealant that had leaked out here and there. I used TIMMY to carefully scape away the excess sealant and inserted rivets in the holes. I … Continue reading

Rudder Riveting – Day 2

I sent out a call to the SABC for some #10 dimple dies. David Mills replied with an even better solution – make your own! A very big thank you Dave. Your solution worked a treat! I made my own #10 dimple die by drilling a #10 hole in a spare block of wood, then … Continue reading

Rudder riveting – Day 1

Last night I snuck back into the shed with the intention of riveting the rudder together so I could bond the trailing edge. I started by riveting the 2 upper reinforcement plates onto the spar. Be careful that they are on the correct side and don’t forget the platenuts. Plenty of other builders have started … Continue reading