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Rudder clecoed together

I went back to the rudder horn this build session and rounded the forward, upper edge so that it would fit flush with the bottom rudder rib flange. I used the Scotchbrite wheel which was quite effective.

With this done I was able to assemble the rudder horn, bottom rib, spar, shim and reinforcement plate together and match drill them. I didn’t have a 3/8″ bolt so I used one of the fisheye bolts instead. I didn’t tighten the nut up hard – just enough to hold things together.

Next, I fluted the tip rib and counterweight rib and clecoed them to the upper end of the spar and match drilled. I then clecoed on the counterweight skin and match drilled the ribs only. I didn’t match drill the spar holes yet.

At this stage the plans called for the skins to be clecoed to the skeleton. However, there was no mention of match drilling the middle and top bolt reinforcement plates to the spar. The bottom one was match drilled as part of the bottom rib assembly but the instructions don’t mention the others. I match drilled these to #30 just in case.

I then got the rudder skins and started to cleco them to the skeleton. I found a minor clash with the forward lower notch in the skin that is supposed to wrap around the rudder horn. I had to slightly widen this notch using my microfiles to allow the skin to sit flush on the skeleton.

I finished clecoing the skins on and got Mitchell (who was visiting) to take a photo. Thanks Mitch!

Build time 1.5hrs.


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Husband and father of 2. Control & Instrumentation Engineer. Flying nut. Gadget geek.


2 thoughts on “Rudder clecoed together

  1. Hey Gav,

    Must say I am very very jealous and also loving watching this all come together.

    Posted by Brad Ford | September 11, 2011, 11:17 am

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