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Rudder primed

I primed the rudder this afternoon. Trying to prime with mask, goggles and spectacles is a little awkward and prone to fogging and/or poor face fitting. I have ordered a personal air respirator which should make things much easier in the future. Here is a photo of the rudder parts primed and hung to dry. … Continue reading

Rudder ready for priming

I’ve managed to get a few hours clocked up in the shed during the week. Most of it has been deburring the rudder. I spent about 8 hours over 2 days breaking edges and deburring holes. Nothing too exciting so I didn’t take any photos of me working on the ribs, spars or skins. Here … Continue reading

Rudder ready for deburring

This week I am on leave. You know what that means? Some serious shed time … woohoo! I got up early and managed to get some work done before breakfast this morning. I picked up the strips I had trimmed during my last build session and rounded the corners using my Scotchbrite wheel. I then … Continue reading

Wing frame

I built some wing frames today. The plan is to build the wings on these frames which will keep everything nice and straight, as well as providing a handy place to store the wings when they are finished. I bought some 90×90 treat pine posts, some 120x45x1.8m treated pine, a couple of 1.25m galvanise lantels, … Continue reading

Rudder match drilling

After a quick dash to Bunnings for some aluminium angle, I got back into the shed to start match drilling the rudder. I could only find 3m lengths which I couldn’t fit into the car, so I ended up grabbing some alum square tube which came in a 1.8m length instead. I needed this for … Continue reading

Rudder clecoed together

I went back to the rudder horn this build session and rounded the forward, upper edge so that it would fit flush with the bottom rudder rib flange. I used the Scotchbrite wheel which was quite effective. With this done I was able to assemble the rudder horn, bottom rib, spar, shim and reinforcement plate … Continue reading

Rudder stiffeners riveted

I decided to use some self-etching primer for the stiffener/skin union for the rudder. Making up a batch of 2-pack primer was going to see most of it thrown away. I plan to spray 2-pack primer over the whole lot when I finish fabricating, drilling and dimpling the rest of the rudder components so I … Continue reading

Rudder stiffeners and skins

I had a couple of sessions in the shed yesterday and managed to get some progress made on the rudder. I started by match drilling the stiffeners to the skins. I then deburred the stiffeners using my hex deburring tool before scuffing them with a Scotchbrite pad. Using my DRDT2 I dimpled the holes ensuring … Continue reading