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Inventory complete

I finished taking inventory of the kit today. The last box was the Wing Kit.

I added yet more paper to the growing mountain of wrapping in the corner of my shed. I repacked the wing kit parts back into the crate…

… and went looking for the Chief Marker and Chief Scuffer. They had promised to help me inventory however I think they had a better offer.

I couldn’t find 2 items in the Fuselage Kit (trim cable and a skin), despite unpacking the Fuselage crate twice. I also appear to only have been given 1 deluxe fuel cap and 1 HID light kit. I’m pretty sure I ordered 2 of each. I’ll email Vans and see if they can assist. Wing Kit cataloging – 2 hrs.

With inventory of the crates complete, I went back to work on the rudder. I want to focus on building the rudder and the fuel tanks from now on as the tank sealant I need to use on both of these parts has a short shelf life. Once I have the rudder and 2 fuel tanks built I’ll finish off the elevators.

I tried to debur the rudder stiffeners using my microfiles but it was taking WAY too long. So I went back to my Scotchbrite wheel and got them deburred in no time. I don’t like the finish from the wheel but it does the job. In this case I’ll take the time saving over my finish preference. I then clecoed the stiffeners onto the skins in preparation for match drilling. I also attached the spar to check for any clashes. It was all good.

I also placed the trailing edge strip onto the skins and checked for clashes here too. All peachy.

It was almost time for the evening routine so I called it quits here. Build time on the rudder – 1 hr.


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