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It’s here! It’s here!

After 4 months of waiting I am pleased to announce that the rest of my kit has finally arrived. Yay!

I had been advised that there was some minor pallet damage but that the goods were OK. I was keen to see the damage for myself. It was pretty minor. Here are the photos.

I arranged to share a shipment with Shirley who bought an RV-12 kit. Her crates had similar types of damage but nothing appeared to be too bad. So we got all the crates onto the truck and went in convoy to our respective houses and dropped them off. A very big thank you to Mandurah HIAB. You guys were awesome!

Naturally the Chief Marker and Chief Scuffer were in attendance to supervise the unloading. Also naturally, the Chief Marker thought the occasion required tongue.

Here are the boxes ready for inventory checking.

I opened the biggest box first and found this to be the finishing kit.

I never thought that fibreglass came in pink.

2 hours later I had the Finishing Kit inventory complete and repacked. All items were present and correct. I then cracked open the long, skinny box.

There was quite a bit of stuff crammed into this box, but no packing list. I guess one of the other boxes will have the list. Here is most of the stuff that was on top.

Underneath all this stuff were the items I was looking for. Some nice, golden wing spars. Not real gold obviously. They’re aluminium but the anti-corrosion stuff they soak them in turns it a golden colour.

I then cracked open the second largest box and found this to be the fuselage kit.

There was a huge amount of stuff in here and a lot of kit was wrapped up into sub-kit packs. I forgot to take a photo of it all laid out but it was just skins and packs of parts wrapped up in cling wrap. Nothing too exciting. Another 2 hours later and I had ticked off everything in the crate but there were a couple of items still on the packing list outstanding (skins from memory). I am hoping they are in the last box. It was getting late and the thought of another couple of hours taking inventory wasn’t as attractive as bed at this point. So I packed everything back into the Fuselage crate and called it a night. I’ll try and finish inventory tomorrow. I didn’t wrap everything up in all of the paper it came in. I reckon they need more wrapping paper.


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