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Elevator skeletons

I managed to sneak out into the shed this afternoon and do some more work on the elevators. My two partners in crime, Damon and Xavier, came along with me. The Chief Scuffer (Damon) and I went to work on the elevator ribs. Here is the Chief Scuffer at work (sans two front teeth).

I assisted and also seamed and fluted them. In short order we got them done.

I also took the opportunity to make a bending brake for the elevators. I had bought the wood and hinges some time back but hadn’t gotten around to making it yet. The Chief Marker (Xavier) took great pride in marking where I had to cut the wood and drill the holes for the hinges. Naturally, he had to have a photo too, especially since the Chief Marker was already in one!

The plans then called for the ribs to be clecoed together and match drilled. I’m doing both sides at the same time.

I then clecoed the ribs to the spars and match drilled them also. Nothing difficult so far.

I had to use my 12″ drill bit for one of the rib/spar match drill holes. As the rib was not perpendicular I didn’t need to flex the bit so it was pretty easy to do – after I relocated the clecoes to the other side of the rib that is.

Next were the counterweights. I had to look at the plans a few times to figure out which way to orient the counter weights. I ended up with the counterweights placed like this…

I then picked out the counterweight rib and tried to fit this over the counterweight and onto the tip ribs. To cut a long story short (and minus several expletives) I came to the conclusion that things wouldn’t fit without some adjustment. To get the counterweigh rib holes to line up with the tip rib, the tip rib to spar holes went out of alignment.

If I got the tip rib and spar clecoed together, then the counterweight rib – tip rib – spar holes when out of alignment.

When I got the counterweight rib clecoed on, the counterweight was too large to fit into the space required.

By this stage it was getting late for bath time for the boys and my brother and his family were coming over for fish and chips for his birthday. (Happy Birthday Bro! Hope you had a good one). Had a great afternoon in the shed with my boys. I hope we have many, many more over the next few years as we slowly put this plane together.

Thanks for all your help today boys! Daddy loves you 🙂

Build time 2.5 hrs.


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