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Both elevators deburred and edge prepped

This post covers two build sessions, last Tuesday night and last Friday night.

Last Tuesday I got back onto the left elevator. I needed to debur the holes so I used TIMMY to debur the 2 holes closest to the trailing edge fold. I then used my deburring hex bit in the cordless drill to debur the remaining holes. Flip and repeat for the other side.

After deburring I scuffed the inside skins ready for priming. I then used my DRDT-2 to dimple the stiffener holes and trim servo hatch doubler plate. I haven’t drilled any of the holes around the leading edge (area to be rolled and drilled later) or the tip holes where the counterweights will go, so I didn’t debur or dimple these.

Once the skin was dimpled I scuffed the stiffeners to get them ready for priming, then I dimpled these also. I double checked which way to dimple the holes. The stiffener dimples need to receive the skin dimples.

I also dimpled the trim servo hatch doubler. Here is a shot of all the left elevator parts ready for priming.

Build time for Tues night – 2 hrs.

On Friday, I got stuck into the right elevator. I repeated the process as per the left elevator. First, I broke the edges with my micro files.

Then I deburred the holes using TIMMY and my hex deburring bit.

Here are all the parts of the right elevator ready for priming.

Build time for the Fri night – 3 hrs.

Over the weekend, I got a new shelf from Bunnings. I needed some storage space for my HS and VS so that they are kept out of harms way. I’ll probably get some more shelves to add to this so that I have some more space to store parts being worked on so my work benches are kept clear.


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