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Inventory complete

I finished taking inventory of the kit today. The last box was the Wing Kit. I added yet more paper to the growing mountain of wrapping in the corner of my shed. I repacked the wing kit parts back into the crate… … and went looking for the Chief Marker and Chief Scuffer. They had … Continue reading

It’s here! It’s here!

After 4 months of waiting I am pleased to announce that the rest of my kit has finally arrived. Yay! I had been advised that there was some minor pallet damage but that the goods were OK. I was keen to see the damage for myself. It was pretty minor. Here are the photos. I … Continue reading

Elevator Skeleton and Rudder Stiffeners

This post covers two build sessions held over this weekend. I was crook most of last week so I didn’t get into the shed until the weekend. I started on Saturday by using my Vixen file to shape the elevator counterweights. I clamped one of the weights to the corner of my work bench and … Continue reading

Elevator skeletons

I managed to sneak out into the shed this afternoon and do some more work on the elevators. My two partners in crime, Damon and Xavier, came along with me. The Chief Scuffer (Damon) and I went to work on the elevator ribs. Here is the Chief Scuffer at work (sans two front teeth). I … Continue reading

Elevator riveting

I have been thinking about how to prime the elevators for the past few days. The plans call for the stiffeners to be riveted to the skins well in advance of any other drilling, deburring and riveting associated with the elevator skeleton. I want some corrosion protection but I don’t want to apply two coats … Continue reading

Both elevators deburred and edge prepped

This post covers two build sessions, last Tuesday night and last Friday night. Last Tuesday I got back onto the left elevator. I needed to debur the holes so I used TIMMY to debur the 2 holes closest to the trailing edge fold. I then used my deburring hex bit in the cordless drill to … Continue reading