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GFPT passed and VS complete!

After a couple of weeks of no building, I am pleased to say I managed to get back into the shed last Monday. I was interstate on a training course for one of those weeks and the rest was … well … just too damn busy. I did however manage to pass the GFPT. Yay! On to the Nav rating next.

Last Saturday I had my second TC visit to inspect the VS before I closed it up. Many thanks to Peter for coming down and having a chin wag. I’ll place a copy of the TC Visit Report on the blog in the near future.

With the all clear given I started by clecoing the rear spar into position on the VS.

I put a cleco in every second hole and dropped -3-3.5 flush rivets into the open holes. Using my mushroom head and bucking bar I started in the middle and set every rivet working outwards. This worked fairly well although I found the rivets near the hinge assemblies to be difficult to buck.

I had to use the wedge on the bucking bar to get in there but even then it was a bit touch and go. I ended up setting half the shop head leaving the remaining half unset – sort of making a step in the rivet shop head. I drilled these out and tried again. Second time around I managed to get them done. I then removed the remaining clecoes, dropped flush rivets in the holes and finished setting one side. I then flipped over the VS and repeated the process for the other side.

The last rivets were blind rivets for the centre rib to rear spar union. These were pretty straight forward.

With that, the VS was complete. I couldn’t help myself at this point and dusted off the HS in order to do the obligatory flying bench photo like a zillion other builders have done.

And to verify that it was yours truly who built this stuff, here’s a mug shot 🙂

Build time 2 hrs.


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