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HS complete!

Another session in the shed last night. Not sure what was louder … my riveting or the rain on the shed roof. Great to see some water finally.

I started by drilling out and replacing the rear spar to skin rivets that were sitting a little proud. I managed to fix a few by squeezing them a bit more so I didn’t end up drilling as many out as I was expecting. Another thing to add to my list of learnings. I then started putting rivets into the inner ribs then stopped … hmm … wasn’t there something in the plans about leaving some empty for the fairing? Back to the plans…

Yep – certainly was. Fortunately I hadn’t started setting any rivets here so I took the ones out I needed to and placed tape over the holes I have to keep clear for now.

One of the nose ribs was being a little difficult in lining up the holes so I put clecoes in every hole but one near the forward spar. This solved the alignment issue and I set one rivet at a time leaving as many clecoes in as possible. There was also a very small gap between one section of the nose rib and the skin so I used a cleco clamp to hold this flush while I riveted.

The most forward river was a little tricky to squeeze. I had to move the cleco on the other side to give a bit more room. Go slow and you can set it if you’re careful.

I then riveted the tip ribs on one side so I could remove all clecoes and allow the HS to sit flat on the bench when I flip it over. With that done I flipped the HS over and repeated for the other side. I also remembered to tape off the holes I have to leave empty for the fairing.

I then put rivets in the tip rib to rear spar. The instructions call for blind rivets but the plans show -4-4 solid rivets. I went with the solid rivet as I could reach them with the squeezer.

With the last tip rivet squeezed … HS was done! Woo hoo!

Build time 2 hrs.


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