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Riveting HS rear spar

Last night I wanted to finish fixing the rivets with the enlarged holes in the rear spar. Here is an example of one of the enlarged holes.

Using the next longest rivet than what the plans called for, I managed to fix 4 of the 5 rivets without too much difficulty. The longer tail made a large shop head which was sufficient to covering the enlarged hole.

For some reason, one of the enlarged holes just would NOT play the game. This one.

No matter how I tried the rivet just kept on bending over and/or wouldn’t cover the hole. I am pleased to say that after about the 8th attempt (I stopped counting) I managed to get it done. One of the benefits of being stubborn I suppose. Also getting quite good at drilling out rivets. Still not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing! Phew – HS rear spar done. So I fitted it to the HS and clecoed into position.

Using my pneumatic squeezer I riveted the skins to the rear spar. A couple of the rivets were tricky to squeeze as they squeezer was clashing with the some of the rear spar rivets. This occasionally pushed the squeezer off centre and a couple of the rivets sheared when I squeezed them.

I managed to get the rear spar riveted into position. A few of the rivets are a bit proud so I’ll drill them out and replace them when I fix the sheared rivets.

I was getting tired at this point so I called it a night. Build time 3 hrs.


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