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A little bit of HS, a little bit of elevator and a TC visit

This post covers the last couple of days. After my big session last Friday night, I only managed to sneak in half an hour here, half an hour there, etc, over the rest of the weekend.

I managed to set a couple more rivets on the HS skeleton. The centre rib – foward spar – centre nose rib union uses blind rivets as you can’t access both sides to use solid rivets. Other than not having much room, there were no real problems setting these rivets.

The plans then call for the tip ribs to be riveted to the forward spar. I had to use the rivet gun on these ones.

I stopped working on the HS at this point as the next step calls for the skins to be riveted on and I wanted to keep the HS open for the Technical Counsellor visit I has arranged for this weekend.

I then went back to the elevators and finished match drilling the left elevator. I then clecoed the trim servo reinforcing plate to the skin and match drilled that. Sorry, no photos. I was about the take some when my Technical Counsellor (TC) showed up for his first inspection of my build, and I forgot to take any after that.

I showed him my flush rivets on the HS skins first. All looked good so I’m happy to proceed with riveting the skins on. I then showed him my rear spar. I had a few rivets that were leaning over a bit. I must not have had my squeezer perfectly square when I set them. Once he showed me a couple of the rivets that weren’t quite right, I could see the others that needed to be redone. I marked all these out and there were about 25 or so that I wasn’t comfortable with. I marked these with my sharpie and called it a day.

Build time over the past 2 days – 2 hrs.


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