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Starting to rivet VS together

I got into the shed the other night and managed to get a start on riveting the VS together. First I clecoed the rear spar, spar doubler and rudder hinges together. I put extra clecoes in the holes I don’t rivet yet and set the flush rivets using the squeezer. I found I could reach … Continue reading

VS primed

The other day we had one of the wettest June days in over 20 years. I didn’t think I was going to get an opportunity to prime my VS anytime soon due to the weather. However, Sunday turned out to be fine so I quickly set up to prime the VS. I made a batch … Continue reading

HS complete!

Another session in the shed last night. Not sure what was louder … my riveting or the rain on the shed roof. Great to see some water finally. I started by drilling out and replacing the rear spar to skin rivets that were sitting a little proud. I managed to fix a few by squeezing … Continue reading

Riveting HS rear spar

Last night I wanted to finish fixing the rivets with the enlarged holes in the rear spar. Here is an example of one of the enlarged holes. Using the next longest rivet than what the plans called for, I managed to fix 4 of the 5 rivets without too much difficulty. The longer tail made … Continue reading

Riveting more of the HS

I was away with work this week so I didn’t get into the shed much. That, plus being stranded in Adelaide for an extra day due to volcanic ash. This post covers what I managed to get done this weekend. There were approx. 20 rivets on my HS rear spar that I needed to drill … Continue reading

A little bit of HS, a little bit of elevator and a TC visit

This post covers the last couple of days. After my big session last Friday night, I only managed to sneak in half an hour here, half an hour there, etc, over the rest of the weekend. I managed to set a couple more rivets on the HS skeleton. The centre rib – foward spar – … Continue reading

Riveting HS day 2 … and drilling my first rivets out

I reckon there is a vortex hidden somewhere in my shed that disrupts the space-time continuum. It’s the only thing that explains how the hours just fly by when I’m in there. Had a BIG build session last night. I was starting to think about packing up when I looked at my phone … 02:00. … Continue reading

HS rear spar riveted

Had a big night last night. It was time to start riveting the HS together. The plans say to start with the rear spar so who am I to argue. I clecoed the rear spar channels and spar reinforcers together and put tape over the holes where the ribs will eventually go so that I … Continue reading

It’s good to be green – HS primed!

Okay … priming take 2 … action! This time I spent a good couple of minutes mixing the tin of primer. I shook the can by hand but someone suggested that a stick is best as a dense layer of sludge can settle on the bottom of the can. So I got a stick and … Continue reading

Painting practice … yeah … that’s what I’ll call it …

The wind was light, the sun was shining and the temperature was tolerable … time to try spray painting. I was a little nervous as I’ve never used a spray gun before. I’ve done a bit of research and talked with a few builders and was about as prepared as I was ever going to … Continue reading