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VS deburring complete

Had a nice build session a couple of nights ago. Haven’t had an opportunity to post an update until now due to work commitments. (Who in their right mind books a meeting 19:30 – 21:30? Damn international time zones) Anyhooooo…

Removed the vinyl off the remaining spar channel, then finished the edges using my beloved mini-files and Scotchbrite wheel. I used the files for all the notches and fiddly bits and the inside edge of the flanges. I used the Scotchbrite wheel for the outside long edges. Then I deburred the web holes and outside flange holes using my hex deburring tool in my cordless drill. I deburred the inside flange holes using my custom close-quarters deburring tool. I think I’m going to have to give this thing a name. I think I’ll call it TIMMY (Tool I Made Myself … Yay). Hey … I’m 3 hours overdue for a coffee and it’s the best I could come up with. I then scuffed it up all over. Here’s the spar ready for priming.

Next was the VS skin. I removed the inside vinyl and broke the edges of the skin using my mini-files. I wasn’t comfortable using the Scotchbrite wheel for the skin. It’s a little awkward to handle and I didn’t want to have the wheel take a bite out of the skin. Here’s a photo showing the nice shiny alclad.

Finally, I deburred all the holes (both sides) on the skin using my hex deburring tool in my cordless drill. I love this drill. Very glad I splurged out and got a good quality one with 2 batteries (no downtime waiting for a battery to charge up). I marked which lines I had deburred as I went as it is suprisingly easy to forget which ones I had or hadn’t deburred. Finished off by scuffing inside of the nice shiny skin.

I dragged my DRDT2 onto my main bench in preparation for dimpling the HS and VS skins. My main bench and tool bench are roughly the same height (by fluke rather than design) so I think I’ll make a stand that the DRDT2 can sit on in between the two benches to make a nice flat surface for dimpling skins on (including the big wing skins that are coming). I got this idea from Steffen.

Build time 2.5 hrs.


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