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VS match drilling

Tonight I match drilled the VS skins to the skeleton. Fairly simple exercise and nothing interesting to take a photo of.

I then countersunk some of the rear spar doubler holes. Had to look at the plans for a few minutes to figure out which side to countersink (as with most builders it seems). I countersunk the holes on the forward side per plans. The microstop countersinking tool was still set up from the HS. I checked on some wood and it was still good to go.

Next was deburring the ribs. I used my hex deburring tool in my drill to debur the outer holes and my custom debur tool for the holes on the inner flanges. No real dramas encountered until I got to the tip rib. The flanges are very close together and even my custom tool didn’t fit.

I didn’t want to leave any burs so I used one of my round needle files and carefully deburred the holes as shown in the photo. I went slow and didn’t use much pressure so that I wouldn’t enlarge the holes.

The spar doubler was next and I started by deburring all the holes using my hex deburring tool. Then I used my micro files to remove the tool marks off the edges. If you look closely you can see some dark lines regularly spaced along the edge of the doubler. On the upper right edge of the doubler is the area I have filed with no tool marks.

I also used the needle files to edge finish the inside edges of the prongs on the doubler. I broke the rest of the doubler edges using the Scotchbrite wheel which made short work of them. Then I scuffed the doubler and remarked the “aft” and “forward” sides. I finished off by deburring all the hinge assemblies. Here’s a photo of all the VS parts I deburred and edge finished.

I still have the spar channels and skin to go.

Build time 2.5 hrs.


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