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HS Skins ready for priming

I snuck into the shed this afternoon to finish off the edges of the HS skins. I thought this would be a quick job but as I’m starting to realise, most jobs take longer than what I am expecting. I scraped the edges with my deburring scraper aluminium potato peeler thingy (I must really find out the proper name for that thing) then I used the sanding sponges that I used the other night on the HS skeleton. I don’t know why, but I wasn’t really getting the nice edges I wanted. Not sure if the sandpaper had “worn out” from the last session or not, so I went back to my needle file set. I filed all of the HS skins without any further ado. Not really anything different to look at from the last photo so I took a photo of my new mouse pad instead.

It started raining and it was getting late in the afternoon so I thought I’d wait until a better time to clean and prime the HS parts. So I dusted off the Vertical Stabiliser (VS) plans and picked out the first few parts I needed. I’ll cover VS in a separate post.

Build time 2 hrs.


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