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HS ready for cleaning and priming

Last Friday night I got into the shed. Also dragged a helper along with me. I introduced Mitchell to the world of deburring, edge finishing and scuffing. He did a stirling job and I have bestowed him the honorary title of Chief Scuffer.

We cranked up the radio whilst Mitchell scuffed the inside of the skins and I worked on sanding the edges of the spar channels and reinforcing angles. I bought a sanding sponge (fine grit) and some 400 grit sandpaper a little while ago. The sponges worked a treat on the straight edges. For the fiddly bits (e.g. relief notches) the sand paper did the trick.

Fast forward a couple of hours and we managed to get all of the HS skeleton ready for cleaning and priming.

The Chief Scuffer also got both skins done. I just have to edge finish the skins and then they’ll be ready for cleaning/priming also.

Build time 2.5 hrs.


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