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HS deburring

With the match drilling finished, I managed to sneak a build session in yesterday afternoon. I used my hex deburring tool that came with my Cleveland Tool Kit on all the outside flange holes, and the scraper deburring thingy on the larger holes (you can tell I really know my tools huh?). When it came to debur the inside flange holes however I wasn’t happy using the hex deburring tool or an oversized drill bit. Due to the distance between the flanges I couldn’t get either the hex tool or an oversized drill bit perpendicular to the hole. I thought of using a round file but I was worried about enlarging the holes and it would take forever to debur. I then had the idea of cutting one of my oversized drill bits short so that it could fit in the spar channel. I fired up the band saw and proceeded to bend/round teeth on the blade. Hmm … now that I think about it … not a good idea. Drill bit harder than metal. /face-to-palm

After thinking about it some more, I thought “hard = brittle” so out came my sledgehammer. Not the tool I first thought of needing when building an aircraft. So into the vice went the drill bit, out came the sledgy and *whack*.

With a little electrical tape, presto, my custom close quarters deburring tool!

This thing worked a treat. Not as easy to use as my hex deburring tool in my cordless drill, but better than anything else I considered. I started deburring the inner flange holes on my bench. After a couple of minutes I could feel my back feeling the strain and thought “there’s gotta be an easier way”. So I grabed one of my saw horses and clamped the spar to that, then put the horse on one of my benches. This brought the flange I was working on about chin height. This is perfect to see what’s going on and no back strain!

I managed to get the holes on these parts deburred during this session.

Still have these to go…

Build time 1.5 hrs.


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One thought on “HS deburring

  1. Genius with the Sledgehammer idea.

    Posted by Brad | May 8, 2011, 3:09 pm

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