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Tried to prime…no…start rudder…wait!…start the elevators

The wifey went for a horse ride this morning so I snuck into the shed and finished dimpling the HS skins. Then I thought I’d try some priming. I dropped in to Bunnings to get some supplies and air line connections that I needed. I also got a gravity fed touch up spray paint gun. … Continue reading

Dimpling HS and VS parts

With the fabrication work on the VS essentially done, I thought I had better dimple everything in preparation for priming. So last night I started out by setting up my pneumatic squeezer in a vice. A few builder’s websites have shown this setup and I must admit it’s quite handy for dimpling the skeleton. I … Continue reading

VS deburring complete

Had a nice build session a couple of nights ago. Haven’t had an opportunity to post an update until now due to work commitments. (Who in their right mind books a meeting 19:30 – 21:30? Damn international time zones) Anyhooooo… Removed the vinyl off the remaining spar channel, then finished the edges using my beloved … Continue reading

VS match drilling

Tonight I match drilled the VS skins to the skeleton. Fairly simple exercise and nothing interesting to take a photo of. I then countersunk some of the rear spar doubler holes. Had to look at the plans for a few minutes to figure out which side to countersink (as with most builders it seems). I … Continue reading

VS skin is on

Last night I finished off edge finishing the ribs of the VS. I used my micro-files which are worth their weight in gold. I then scuffed them with some Scotchbrite and fluted them straight. Pretty standard stuff and no dramas encountered. Next step was to cleco the VS skeleton together and match drill the rear … Continue reading

Started on the VS

It wasn’t the best time to start priming the HS so I thought I’d make a start on the VS instead. First I clecoed the VS doubler to the rear VS spar. Then I clecoed on the hinges in the correct locations. Naturally, this required the Chief Marker and the Chief Supervisor to come and … Continue reading

HS Skins ready for priming

I snuck into the shed this afternoon to finish off the edges of the HS skins. I thought this would be a quick job but as I’m starting to realise, most jobs take longer than what I am expecting. I scraped the edges with my deburring scraper aluminium potato peeler thingy (I must really find … Continue reading

HS ready for cleaning and priming

Last Friday night I got into the shed. Also dragged a helper along with me. I introduced Mitchell to the world of deburring, edge finishing and scuffing. He did a stirling job and I have bestowed him the honorary title of Chief Scuffer. We cranked up the radio whilst Mitchell scuffed the inside of the … Continue reading

HS holes deburred

I’m off to site tomorrow so I snuck into the shed last night to get some more work done. I had to finish deburring the holes on the rest of the skeleton and the skins. For those who wonder why we have to debur stuff, here is an extreme example of what a bur looks … Continue reading

HS deburring

With the match drilling finished, I managed to sneak a build session in yesterday afternoon. I used my hex deburring tool that came with my Cleveland Tool Kit on all the outside flange holes, and the scraper deburring thingy on the larger holes (you can tell I really know my tools huh?). When it came … Continue reading