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HS fwd spar day 2 – first stuff up?

I was itching to get into the shed. It’s a 5-day long weekend and I really wanted to get some progress made. 2 hours later, I’m wondering if I’ve made a boo boo and need to order a replacement part… I double checked my cardboard cutout and found I had incorrectly measured it so that … Continue reading

HS forward spar

With the rear spar ready to rivet (and muggins here not being ready to rivet) I moved onto the forward spar. First I clecoed the reinforcing angles into position, then I match drilled the holes inboard of the future bend lines. Here’s me half way through match drilling. I had to check the plans and … Continue reading

HS rear spar – ready for rivets

My new DRDT2 dimpler arrived last night so I managed to sneak out into the shed after putting the kids to bed to put it together. It’s bigger and heavier than what I was expecting. All I need to do now is figure out how to use the damn thing. I’m sure its more difficult … Continue reading

HS rear spar – day2

I managed to get into the shed this afternoon. I drilled all the holes to #30 per plans. Man that was a lot of holes to drill. The drill was getting a bit heavy by the end of it. I then identified the location of the rib holes and drilled then to #21. No photos … Continue reading

Building has officially commenced!

Last night I started building. Yippee! I found homes for my Cleaveland Tool Kit (about 1hr) then thought “I can’t stop now! Let’s start this thing.” I read the instructions and marked up the radii required for the spar supports. I then experimented with a few different techniques on breaking the edges. As I have … Continue reading

Horizontal Stabiliser Rear Spar

I picked out the pieces I need for the rear spar and elevator hinges on the horizontal stabiliser. I positioned all the pieces and lined up the holes. Everything lined up OK although the spar reinforcements felt like they weren’t laying flush. Wishing I had some clecoes. The instructions warn builders about the spars not … Continue reading

Empennage Kit arrived!

I am very pleased to announce that the Empennage Kit arrived safe and sound yesterday. I spent last night opening the boxes with my two trusty assistants and inspecting all the parts for any signs of damage in transit. Other than one of the reinforcing brackets having a fairly pronounced curve along its length, everything … Continue reading

Work Bench

I made a work bench this weekend. The “usual” size recommended is 3′ x 6′. Rob M. (one of those wonderful SABC people) suggested making the main table with a 3″ overhang on one end and a side, and to make it a tad longer. I did just that although I added a 1″ overhang … Continue reading