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HS rear spar riveting

After my last 2 days of rivet practice, I felt comfortable squeezing the rivets on the elevator hinge assembly. The plans call for -4-5 length rivets but a lot of builders went with the longer -4-6 rivets in order to get the right tail length. When I compared the -4-5 and -4-6 rivets in position, I also decided to go with the -6 rivets. Here’s the photo with the rivet gauge, the -4-5 on the left and the -4-6 on the right.

Here’s the result!

I love my pneumatic squeezer.

Then I enlarged the holes that connect the hinge assembly to the spar to #21 per plans. I clecoed this into position and as I drilled a hole, I used bolts to keep everything aligned.

I then took the HS spar apart, deburred the holes I had just drilled, then put them aside to be primed later.

I then went back to the fwd spar and clecoed the spar channels and reinforcement angles back together. I carefully read the plans and marked which holes I had to dimple. I wasn’t 100% which dimple die to use so I emailed my TC for confirmation. The next step in the plans calls for the inner forward ribs to be notched in order to fit in the spar channel. I decided I will be making the left and right stabilisers together so I held both of these ribs into position and marked where to trim them. Before I cut I want to do a bit more research. Other builders have described edge clearance problems with future rivets because they trimmed too much. I want to be doubly sure I trim correctly before grabbing the snips. It was getting late so I called it a night.

Build time 1 hr.


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